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Crusader Flexbone

Helias Catholic HS, MO

Tim Rulo (HC)

DeeMack Wing-T

Deer Creek – Mackinaw HS, IL

Job Linboom (HC)

Defensive Back Play

Illinois College – Jacksonville, IL

Tre Stewart (DB Coach)

Shamrock 4-3

Westfield HS, IN

Jake Gilbert (HC)

Simplest 3-5-3

Champaign Central HS, IL

Nate Albaugh (HC)

Retired After 31 Years

Martha’s Vineyard HS, MA

Donald Herman (Retired HC)

Mastering the Wing-T

Pioneer HS, IN

Mike Johnson (HC)

Dallas 3-5-3

Dallas HS, OR

Andy Jackson (DC)

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What Separates Chiefpigskin?


All of our videos have been shot with the video viewer in mind first.  Everything is high quality with our videos, from the lighting, the audio, to the cameras.  You will see a difference in video quality.

Know What You're Getting

We all know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  So why do we try to judge a video in the same way?  With all Chiefpigskin videos, you are able to view the video outline before purchase.  Plus, each video has been given a rating based on the depth of the content. Now you finally know what you are purchasing!

The Guarantee

We are so certain that our videos are the best deal in the industry that we will give you your money back if you don’t think the video you bought was Worth Every Penny… and you can keep the video!  Click to learn more about the Worth Every Penny Guarantee.