*This series was first aired as a part of the 2018 Online Clinic*

The Southwest Suburban Conference in Illinois is known for tough, physical football and Bolingbrook High School is a perennial contender for the title. Known for their stifling 4-3, the Raiders defense is led by defensive coordinator Sean Coultis. The 2011 state champs are in the hunt every year and this past season Bolingbrook held 5 opponents to 1 touchdown or less including 3 shutouts. Coultis likes to get his best 11 athletes on the field that can fly to the ball. He keeps things simple so his players can play fast and hit.

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Bolingbrook 4-3 Quarters Defense

In this video Coach Coultis introduces the basics of his 4-3 beginning with philosophy and then how they attack 2x2 spread and 3x1 spread. All of the adjustments and communication are covered and demonstrated through slides and game film. 

Video Content Rating: Silver

55 minutes 

Bolingbrook Cover 3 Zone Blitzes

The Bolingbrook Raiders really know how to get after it with blitzes and still remain sound in their coverage. Coultis will review the strengths and weaknesses of this coverage. Many of coach’s “Key Ideas” are explained and lend great insight into the blitzes. Diagrams and game film footage are included.  

Video Content Rating: Silver

37 minutes

Bolingbrook 4-3 Man to Man Blitzes

What are the strengths of the over 0 man blitz? No confusion in coverage, pressure the quarterback, good in the red zone, sound vs halfback screen, and great if it can be timed up with an indicator. All of the various blitzes with calls are introduced. Key ideas, diagrams, and game film make this another presentation defensive coaches must have in their library.

Video Content Rating: SilverSilver

34 minutes