Nate Albaugh has been the head football coach at Champaign Central High School in Champaign, IL since 2013.   One of the things he’s most proud of and feels is the biggest difference maker in their program has been the unity in their coaching staff. 

“It is a fine line to walk.  They are some of my best friends in the world, and all good coaches.  I just know that I owe it to our program to push these men, and hold them accountable to performing at a high level.  All the credit really goes to them.  Their willingness to be humble servants of the program is really what has allowed it to work.”   – Nate Albaugh

Coaches’ Meeting: How We Start Every Off-Season

Coach Albaugh starts off each and every offseason with a short, official staff meeting in January.  All coaches are considered off of the staff, and must DECIDE to make a new commitment to the program for the upcoming season. This video is a screencast of the presentation from his Inaugural Coaches Meeting from January 2017.  This means that you will see the actual slide show and hear his voice as he goes through the presentation just as it was presented to his staff.


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34 minutes