*This series was first aired as a part of the 2018 Online Clinic*

Kelly King, Head Coach Milpitas High School – Milpitas, CA
Milpitas’ Kelly King ranks as one of the Central Coast Section’s all-time winningest football coaches, with a resume that includes 215 wins, three Central Coast Section championships and a state crown. In 2017 Milpitas High School had a 14-1 season and a California State Championship. Coach King is a veteran 29 year head coach in California and has been at Milpitas for the last 14 years. While at Milpitas King has gained an overall record of 119-35 alongside the 2017 state championship. We were very fortunate to be able to get Coach King as a presenter for the Chiefpigskin Online Clinic.

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Milpitas Linebacker Play

Linebackers have to be multifaceted players and Coach King begins his linebacker play video by going over their step by step teaching progression at Milpitas High School. Included are ladder drills, agility bag drills, shadow drills, chase drills, cutoff drill, breakdown drills, turn and run, tackling drills, tackling position, open field drill, bubble screen drill, run fits, read step, dip and rip, sled work drills, and many more. He then transitions into technique drills that include leverage, blitzing, squeeze the trap, coverage drills, and stripping the ball. An excellent video for your library of drills.

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Defensive Back Play

Coach King is big on having a teaching progression and this video covers the Milpitas teaching progression for defensive backs. Footwork is very important for DBs and that’s where he begins. Agilities, ladder work, mirror drills, press, cutoff, backpeddle, hip tur, hip turn peddle, plant drive, stick move, it’s all there. Next coach goes to his tackling drills and block shedding drills making your DBs more physical. Many more drills to get DB coaches training  their players to get better at coverage.

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Offensive Line Play

Once again Coach King covers the Milpitas teaching progression and this time it’s for Offensive Line Play. Perfect summertime drills to teach technique and footwork. Hand placement is very important as well and Coach has excellent tips for your O linemen.Counters to defensive lineman moves are included as well making this an excellent instructional video for any offensive line coach. O line coaches will love this!

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