*This series first aired as a part of the 2018 Online Clinic*

Maroa-Forsyth High School in Illinois has really got it going. The Trojans have become a fixture in the hunt for the state championship. Regarded as one of the top small school programs in Illinois, M-F has played in 8 of the last 13 state championship games and won 2 titles. Over the last 15 years Head Coach Josh Jostes has led the Trojans to a 170-29 record. Maroa is known for a high powered offense and in particular their prolific screen game. Coach Jostes says, “The screen game is the key to our success.”

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Winning With Screens: Part I

In this video Coach Jostes covers receiver screens, running back screens, and Y, H, TE screens.  Included for receivers is the bubble screen, quick screen, and tunnel screen. Running backs feature the slow and bubble screens, TE screens feature shuffle pass and roll out. Included is tons of teaching techniques.


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Video Content Rating: Bronze 46 Minutes $9.95

Winning With Screens: Part II

Part 2 of the M-F screen game begins with footwork and timing. Coach emphasizes without proper timing the screens don’t go. He then goes through receiver and linemen blocking rules and assignments. Blocking rules vs various defensive alignments are covered. Simple but effective!


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Winning With Screens: Part III

Coach Jostes displays plenty of game film in the 3rd video to illustrate all his screens and includes gimmicks, fakes, and play action. Pre snap reads and interior line blocking are taught as well. The video concludes with how and when to install the offense game day offensive goals for Maroa-Forsyth. 


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Video Content Rating: Silver
1 hour 9 minutes $19.95