*This video aired first as a part of the 2018 Online Clinic*

Patrick Taylor, Head Coach North Surry HS, NC

Coach Taylor has been active in coaching high school football since 2002, landing at North Surry HS in 2010 as the defensive coordinator.  In 2014 he made the move to the offensive side of the ball to become the offensive coordinator and in the winter of 2019 was named the head coach after the retirement of the previous captain.  Coach Taylor is the publishing author of several books and the inventor of the Open Grass Reads Quarterback Training System. He also serves as the chief writer for www.footballxos.com.  

Open Grass Reads in the Air Raid

In this video Coach Taylor itroduces open grass reads in the air raid and the installation of the Corner, Cross, and Shallow concepts.  Coach explains how they are very minimalistic in what they carry in their offense and are very comfortable being unbalanced in the run/pass percentages of their play calling.  One of the unique things with the Open Grass Reads concepts is that they don’t teach coverage to their QBs.  They teach things to a brain picture.  This video does a great job of detailing how they teach the thinking processes as well as how they drill it.  He finishes with 20 minutes of in game footage, walking you through the concepts, reads, and thought processes of the QB.  A great video to make an impact on the ability of your Quarterback!  View the Video Outline

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