*This series was first aired as a part of the 2018 Online Clinic*

Mike Popovich has jumped full go into his coaching career taking on tough challenge after tough challenge, bringing excitement, numbers, and tempo to each stop.  The current Head Coach at Collinsville HS in Illinois has also been the coach at Mt. Zion HS, Morthland College, and the Army Sprint football team.  How do you change a culture or run an uptempo football program?  Just take a minute to listen to Coach “Pop” Popovich speak.  You will quickly see that he loves the game and is at the forefront of innovation in up tempo spread offenses.

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Popovich: Up Tempo Offense

HC Mike Popovich truly considers his program an up tempo Program!  Coach really believes up tempo is something you need to be bought into 100%.  This video will walk you through the things Coach considers when building an up tempo program, how he has evolved within his tempo offense including his communication systems.  Learn where they are now and the very innovative one word call system his program has developed.  Coach will also cover suggested ways to practice tempo and finish off with 5 minutes of game film.  

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Popovich: Screen Game

If you decide to make screens a large part of your offense, what are some non-negotiables?  That’s where Coach Pop starts this video detailing the screen game he’s learned to enjoy and utilize so well.  How do they block them?  What are the coaching points for the QB and WR’s?  When to run them?  How to complement them?  By 10 minutes into the video Coach is at the whiteboard diagraming his best screens, coaching them up, then taking you with him to Hudl to see them in action.  

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Popovich: C.H.A.N.G.E

How do you turn over the culture of a football program that has been struggling?  How do you build the program numbers?  Coach Pop has taken on several new jobs at programs that have struggled mightily before his arrival.  Through these experiences Pop has begun to break the process down to a science.  Learn it all in this video as he lays out the entire process from start to finish.  From bringing people into the program building process to identifying strengths and weaknesses to defining some core values as a program.  Coach has latched onto the acronym C.H.A.N.G.E for his program now.  Commitment, How, Accountability, Nevers, Giving & Serving, Elite.  See how he uses each of these to turn a program around.

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