Coach Rinehart’s coaching career started in North Carolina in 2006, where he coached at East Rowan High School for 6 years. He was able to work with and learn from some of the best football minds in North Carolina.  He spent time as the offensive line coach, running backs coach, and the offensive coordinator; through these positions, and gained experience in coaching multiple offenses, but they had the most success in 2009 and 2012 when they ran the split back veer. They perfected their version of the split back veer each season, and were able to reach the third round of the NCHSAA playoffs in 2012.  Sean Rinehart became the Lakeview High School head football coach in Michigan in 2013.  Throughout his time in Lakeview, they have made the playoffs 4 times, broke the school scoring record twice, and set numerous individual records in multiple offensive categories. 

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Attacking With the Split Back Veer: Option Plays

In this first video of the series, Coach Rinehart lays out the entire heart of the offense, the option plays.  He walks you through their formations, their daily option drills, then takes time to walk you through diagrams, rules, and game film on their Midline, Inside Veer, Outside Veer, Speed Option, and Counter Option plays.

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Attacking With the Split Back Veer: Complimentary Plays

The complimentary plays in Coach Rinehart’s split back veer hold defenders accountable to no over playing the options.  Additionally, the complimentary plays give him control over who is carrying the ball.  In this video you’ll see coaching points, diagrams, rules, and game film for the Cutback, QB Follow, Quick Pitch, Draw, Cross (Counter Trey), TE Reverse, and Iso.

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Attacking With the Split Back Veer: Play Action Pass Plays

When you use a predominantly run based offense, a good play action passing game is a must.  In this final video of the series, you’ll see diagrams, rules, and game film of the following play action passes: 134 Slant, 134 Raven, 234 Ride Pass, 234 Hide Pass, 234 Slogo, 238 Fade, and 234 L/R Screen

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