*This video aired first as a part of the 2018 Online Clinic*

Slade Singleton | OC Enka HS, NC

Known for being a great offensive mind Coach Singleton carries a strong online following and is the owner of the More With 4 System @morewith4system.  Coach Singleton has been coaching high school football in North Carolina for just over a decade now with recent Offensive Coordinator stints at Madison HS, NC and Chase HS, NC.

Spread No Huddle QB Run Game

Everything with running the ball with the QB so much out of the spread in Coach Singleton’s offense is about getting +1 in the box.   He talks about their offensive philosophy including how they use formations to get their +1 advantage and why they use no huddle and tempo to attack.  He also touches on how they plan to attack the defense through the air before getting into how they build their offense.  He then dives deep into their QB run game including diagrams and game film for each.  Coach covers Power Read, QB Iso, QB Power, QB Counter, and a super unbalanced set they call X Over.  See and hear all Coach’s little wrinkles and variations for each play as well as coaching points.  Coach Singleton finishes with over 20 minutes of game film, coaching through it all.

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