A coaches kid, born and raised from Oklahoma, started his coaching career at Henderson State University in 2011, moving next to Broken Arrow, OK coaching secondary with a semi final finish in 2013. Coach Gower also saw success as the D.C. at Norman North in 2016, with a 12-1 record, including a district championship and State runner up finish in the highest classification in Oklahoma.     

4 Man Pressures From the 3-4

“It’s not just a 4 man rush.”  That’s the line Coach Gower starts with.  “We want to make our opponents think and work.  Where is that 4th man coming from?”  In this video Coach Gower will take you through where to start with 4 man pressures, with some basic how to’s and what not to do’s.  Just 10 minutes into the video Coach gets into film and spends the rest of the hour walking you through their 4 man pressures with examples through film.  Why, when, and how to run each of these pressures.


Video Content Rating:  Silver

1 hour 4 minutes 

3x1 Coverage Variations From the 3-4

Coach Gower wants to be multiple!  Offenses are too good anymore.  You can be multiple! Just Keep it Learnable and Likeable – KILL!   In this video Coach Gower walks you through their 5 base coverages and how 4 of they will play 4 of their main 4 3x1 tags.  You’ll see almost an hour of practice and game footage and sit with Coach Gower as he gives you the why, how, and when of running these coverages and tags.


Video Content Rating:  Silver

1 hour 11 minutes